Commercial Painting


Advanced Painting offer sensational commercial painting services throughout Sydney.

Like it or not, your office and building facilities add to your companies reputation. They also impact on company and staff performance.

Potential clients judge your credibility on the look of your business premises. Like they say, first impressions last. Your potential clients can gain a lot of understanding from seeing your workplace. Often associating neat surroundings with efficient performance.

Staff are also affected by their surroundings. With neat and attractive facilities you can help improve morale and performance.

Commercial Buildings We Paint Include

Represent Your Business With The Right Colours

Surely you want to create a positive lasting impression with all visitors to your business. Now you can with an outstanding commercial paint job. Send a powerful leading message to your potential clients with an immaculate office and building facility.

Let’s help you achieve the right paintwork which is an essential element for your companies success. Remember, a self-respecting company will never compromise on their office paint and décor.

When you are in need of updating your interior or exterior paintwork for your business, get in contact with our professional team.

We have outstanding experience in Sydney painting and decorating of:

  • Hotels
  • Retail shops
  • Restaurants
  • Display centres
  • Reception areas
  • Parking facilities
  • Children’s play areas
  • Demo and showrooms
  • Entertainment facilities
  • Company and private offices


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